Allow User to Edit Specific Post Using Map_Meta_Cap()


In the event a client or user needs to have access to edit only the contents of a specific post, page or other custom post type without having access to edit any other posts of that type.

Say for example we have a single page in our site called ‘About Us’ which the client would like to edit, but we don’t want them to be able to edit or see our other pages from inside the admin area.

We can achieve this using the map_meta_cap filter.

WordPress Multisite Login Redirect Loop [Resolved]


This is an issue that has occurred several times to me. Each time has been with Chrome on a subdomain multisite setup. Which is annoying because Chrome is my preferred browser for development.

The Problem

Using Chrome, or potentially any browser, on a wp multisite install with more than one subdomain blog set up, the user is constantly redirected to the login screen despite entering valid login details. A good indication that this is the problem is that clearing the browser cookies cache allows an unaffected login. Not really a long term solution.